Attention, the competition!
After the end of accepting donations, unique prototypes will be distributed to the 3rd largest, according to the authors, who shared and the 3rd random one who shared. form.
Addresses for accepting donations
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BTC/BCH 17rDM3wGPs8oxGCLe5sdvWztyfHKGeLCVM
ETH/BNB 0x0496071b65e43908e31c0ba6cd1b536f2ee63aa8
DOGE D8MUakD5eo6fureznzKHoH4t9WkMVzVdtc
SOL 4dCjptPpp1yb8nhbm2eMYB9ixzaY41vUYq8gTXz5bZ1u
LTC LaxPRdfagqErGJEEtDapfre7DfqzKbLeSa
FIL f1kd4e5dcg6ogervqaihhfnyyjvxm7tgetkwjxtmq

    Above is a list of addresses to which we accept your donations for the development of the project. You can read more about the project on the main page.
    Our project is at an early stage of development and we need your donations for further development. We have already conducted research, developed a technology, manufactured a prototype, created a presentation on our own, and now we are at the level where we need your help to launch a distribution company and start production.
    We want to say a big thank you to all of you for your time!
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